Saturday, May 15, 2010

Green Leaves in the Tambo

My tambo may not be nestled riverside in the mountains and it may not be big (ok, it's miniscule), but I adore it. I think this might be one of the most interesting things I've done yet. The little sprouts are getting taller everyday and are as green as grass. (Well, they are grass, but that's besides the point.) I need to wait until they have two or three leaves total before moving them to the next stage - a larger pot - and their continued progress. I can't wait to eat my four ounces of rice!


Anjuli said...

I just love seeing the progress recorded! So often things grow around us and we keep going without taking into account the amazing fact that something so small and delicate can sprout up and grow into something great :)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

You're so right. I think that's one of the things I'm learning and realizing through this whole process. It's really such a delight. Thanks for following along with me!