Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yuzu in Bloom

The other day at the farm I smelled something. Everything is in some state of bloom at the moment, so finding the source was a bit challenging. And then I noticed it.

The yuzu bush - just over 180 cm tall - next to the greenhouse was chock full of blossoms. Small white flowers that pack a punch even before they turn into those tangy yellow citrus with a flavor unique to Japan caught not only my attention but also that of a roaming bee. I like to think this little guy is helping make the next batch of marmalade. Apparently, the farmers and I aren't the only ones out working on these sunny days!


Anjuli said...

I just love when flowers have a beautiful fragrance- I love spring!! (but then I love Autumn as well)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Me, too! I never was a big fan of spring before coming here, but now I find it nearly irresistible. Fall and winter are still my favorites, though.