Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ichinomiya's Well Stocked Vegetable Vendors

The takenoko for our Chiba adventure this past weekend came from one of a number of vegetable vendors we found while cruising about on Saturday morning. Ichinomiya sits right on the coast and is full of farms. Rice fields and pear orchards abound, and we found no shortage of other seasonal favorites, too: edamame, tomatoes, potatoes, shallots, green beans, eggplants, and more.

The first vegetable stand we stopped turned out to be my favorite of the day. Others were lovely, but this one with it's fanciful decorations and a view of the big vegetable plot just behind charmed us all. I am not sure if I liked the vegetables for the stand or the stand for the vegetables, if you know what I mean.

The second stand was just a table with an umbrella and a cash box. Nothing fancy happening here, but the onions and potatoes were fat and lovely...just the way I like them and perfect for making Maan's potato salad!

Our final vegetable stop for the day turned out to be at the Ichinomiya shrine. There gathered near the entrance were four folks selling their wares. All well over the age of sixty, they offered up extraordinary flowers, scrumptious vegetables, and some of the niftiest garden tools I've seen yet. I picked up a bag of shallots based on my host's suggestion they went well with a miso dip. (And she wasn't kidding. They did.)

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