Thursday, June 30, 2011

Praying Mantis Newborn

What blew away the great ocean views and came to rival the nashi orchards and even the coolest vegetable stand in the village was the discovery of a most recently hatched praying mantis. As we snacked on takenoko and shallots dipped in miso, one of the other guests called excitedly from the deck. We tore ourselves away from the great food to find this little guy dangling from the egg case until moments before he called home. Despite his miniscule size and seemingly precarious position, he proved quite nimble within moments and prepared for battle if we came too close.


Anjuli said...

This is such a great picture- I wish I could have seen the little guy in REAL life!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Anjuli! It was shocking to see how small he was, how quick, and how fierce right from the get-go.