Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Reading, June 12

There's been a bounty of good reading of late, and so this week's round-up of some of my favorites is a bit longer. Gardening, farming, earthquake aftermath, food, and even a little poetry for good measure.

Gardening and Farming
This article from Beginning Farmers (full disclosure: I write for them periodically) offers some good basic information on using canopies/row covers in the garden and on the farm. We use them to great effect on the farm here in Tokyo, too, for everything from pest protection to creating a mini-greenhouse effect that speeds up growth or protects from the chill.

Picked up from the Rodale Institute who picked it up from Kitchen Gardeners International (full disclosure: both organizations I'd LOVE to write for), the graphic shows the White House Garden as it is and what it would look like if it were planted with the agriculturally subsidized crops. Maybe it shows us how much corn and soy we are already eating in our processed food?

Released in May, the USDA's Pesticide Data Report offers comprehensive information about what pesticides show up on what foods and in what percentages. A bit technical, but a good source for data.

An utterly fascinating, disturbing, thought-provoking article about weeds that makes me look at my mint forest and flea bane daisies in a new light. This is the kind of article that changes how you see the world around you.

A powerful, powerful story of a farmer displaced by Fukushima's nuclear disaster and what it means for him, his cattle, and his extended family. I'm afraid I'm tearing up just thinking about it again.

Tis' the season to harvest and preserve (or just straight up eat!) all the goodies from the farmer's market or local vegetable stand, and this piece from the Sweet Beet busting berry myths will help guide your shopping experience.

Another article from Good about California's impending ban on styrofoam. About freakin' time.

Not enough? Here's a little more reading...
Summer Tomato, an American blog I sometimes write for, posts a weekly round-up of news, stories, and videos that are well worth perusing.

This month Good is running a 30-day challenge to eat vegetarian, and in support of that they ran this nice little piece to help folks along. Most focus on cooking rather than growing, but it's quite useful to know how to cook up the harvest from the garden or this month's farmers markets! It also includes Pollan's Food Rules, which I'd recommend for anyone at any stage of eating, gardening, or thinking about eating and gardening.

And something completely different...
I loved this poem by April Lindner featured earlier this week on The Writer's Almanac.

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