Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Reading

A weekly round-up of a few things here and there that I thought worthy of sharing.

A gardening theme new to me, but brilliant for it's new twist on the gardening mantra "Grow what you like to eat." It got me to thinking there must be a million garden theme possibilities out there. Mine might be jam or pickles, although I think growing a mix of perennial and annual herbs for tea fixings would be fun, too. Or how about one focused on soap or candle making?

The above cocktails might be required accompaniment for this article, which offers a sobering assessment of America's preparedness for the coming (and possibly just beginning?) onslaught of weather changes thanks to global warming.

I would be remiss to not list the New York Times Book Review of gardening books for the season. As always wonderfully written the article has me itching to pounce on nearly all of them, especially The Conscientious Gardener: Cultivating a Garden Ethic by Sarah Hayden Reichard and, of course, The Markets of New England by Christine Chitnis.

This show is one I could listen to again and again, and I often do. Vigen Guroian is as compelling a speaker as he is a writer, and his books have been on my list of things I've wanted to read for some time now. Instead, I'd recommend taking a moment to hear his thoughts as shared on this show.

Here's a post I've bookmarked in my reader for future reference as it lists such a terrifically diverse and powerful bunch of books. Some I've read and some I've not, but the titles are well worth jotting down.

An oldie but a goodie, this post is one I also reference periodically as I've already found aphids roaming the garden again with the ants in tow, so I was happy to find this article again. Good thoughts on companion planting and some information on how and why it works.


Anjuli said...

I never knew there could be so many links- or books- or thoughts on gardening. This shows how much I have learned and am learning from your site!!! Keep up the great job of blogging and I'll keep learning.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

You're the best, Anjuli! Thanks for the good words. There is so much information out there it feels overwhelming at times. I just pick and choose what strikes my fancy, but heaven knows if I had a blog dedicated just to roses or bulbs that I could fill the days as easily.