Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kichijoji Farmer's Market

I try to visit a few farmer's markets each month. Lately, most of them are here in Tokyo, but I have had the pleasure to visit a few in Osaka, Hida Takayama, and Nikko. In February, I managed despite my crutches and the protests to stop in at the Dane County Farmer's Market. It's always fun, and a bit addictive.

May took me to a market just down the tracks - literally two stops east of where we live - to visit Kichijoji's monthly market. (You can read the details of what we found over at Eco+Waza.) While I would have preferred seeing more Tokyo area farmers, I found plenty of great people sharing good stuff. Who knows where I'll be hunting for vegetables in June?


Anjuli said...

I do love Farmer's Markets...can't wait til the one in Renton starts up- which will be next Tuesday!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Sweet! What will be on offer this season?