Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Green Curtain: There's Still Time

Summer's hot days are officially upon us, and that means not only that it's time to set the umeboshi to dry but to make sure fixing's for shade are in place. Calls for setsuden or conservation abound this summer, which is no small challenge given the searing heat and sun that is the norm. Already temperatures are leaping high along with the humidity, and all around us people are coming up with a fix or two to stay cool.

My post about making your own green curtain is up at Eco+waza's website, and should help folks get started. And, if growing a curtain isn't an option, never fear. Here are a few more ideas!

  • Bamboo shades, that cherry blossom viewing party sheet, or even a blue tarp can all make good impromptu awnings as the sun swings around.
  • Closing up windows and curtains during the day (not air tight, mind you, but rather close) keeps the heat and light out, too. Like many of our neighbors, we then open things up at night to catch a breeze and views of the moon getting ever fatter. And we get to chat with them a bit, too, as we take a walk to enjoy the night air, and perhaps get a cool treat from the grocery up the street.
  • Head out. We find venturing off to our new public library (complete with cafe) is a very nice alternative, and Tokyo brims with parks, bike paths, and heaps of cafes with a bit of air conditioning and socializing. Supporting a local business while attempting to keep cool seems quite reasonable, if you ask me.
  • Sipping a tall glass of umeshu on the rocks (or umehachimitsu if it's a school night!) is a lovely way to cool off, too.

Have your own ideas for cooling off in the summer sans air conditioning? Let's hear it. These days we can use all the suggestions we can get!

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