Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reading, July 10th

A bit all over the map as usual, here's a few picks from this week's reading.

Strawberries Guardian: A Good Mulch is a very succinct and nice piece about the values of mulch, particularly as they pertain to strawberries. As the temperatures rise here in Tokyo and only half of my rows are lined with tatami mats, mulch is definitely on my mind, too.

Ye Olde Kitchen Garden has been flying about on Twitter and other social media sites, but it's still worth mentioning. The perspective on how our tastes in food change and why is enough alone to merit a read.

This story of a Michigan woman being severely penalized for growing vegetables in her front yard is sobering. Being penalized in a state suffering from a recession well before the rest of the country started down that path is absurd.

Marion Nestle, one of the founding members of America's currently food movement, wrote this piece about how to shape food policy one forkful at a time. Many thanks to Nourishing Words for tweeting this one.

And if food policy's got you down, don't despair. Try making garlic wine or black raspberry shrub. A bit reminiscent of umehachimitsu, this one sounds divine. It's part of a week long series on homemade drinks that's well worth perusing like everything else at Food in Jars.


Tia Bach said...

I linked the story about the MI woman and couldn't believe it. Her front yard looks better than most, and I don't see anyone going to jail for pink flamingos and campers out front!

Always love stopping by your blog.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks for stopping, Tia! I'm glad you linked the story. I've suggested to a MI blogging group I belong to that they gather the wagons around her, so to speak, but so far nothing. I might just run off and suggest it to them actually. Such ordinances need to be rethought.