Monday, July 4, 2011

Something Blue: Balcony Blueberry Harvest

It only seemed appropriate on this Fourth of July to celebrate a little something blue. Since the demise of the blueberry patch at the farm earlier this spring in favor of more vegetable growing space (a land divide between siblings resulted in a slight change of layout) I decided we needed to have our own source. While this single potted plant will never match the output (at least three rounds of jam last year along with six freezer containers full) and beauty of those sixteen bushes, it will offer up a handful or two each season.

Blueberries remind me of picking expeditions at home, my mother's pies, and sneaking a berry or two out of the freezer when she wasn't looking. That said, now I'm thinking I need another bush or two for our balcony garden. The yuzu tree could use a little more company, perhaps.

Got a favorite edible growing in containers? Do tell. I'm looking for a few ideas for our two balconies, so please share your thoughts!

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Anjuli said...

blueberries are GREAT!!!! LOVE THEM!!