Friday, July 1, 2011

Tokyo's July Farmer's Markets

It's not official, but it feels like summer has arrived in full force. And Tokyo's farmer's markets seem to be meeting it head on with a cornucopia of opportunities for great seasonal produce!

Every Saturday in July
On July 9th it looks like the growers will be joined by a handful of sheep and goats and there will be a shearing demonstration. Now, there's something you don't see every day in Tokyo, I must admit.
10am to 2pm

Sunday, July 3rd and Sunday, July 17th
11am to 5pm
Like the Kichijoji market, this is another nice market in one of Tokyo's fun spots. There's no shortage of good food and fun at the market, and it's compounded by the good food and fun in the neighborhood.

Shinonome Canal Court
Sunday, July 10th
9am to 2pm
A charming off-shoot of the larger Earth Day Market, Shinonome is out of the way and tiny, but still lovely. An effort to bring organic produce to a different part of the city (it's over by Tokyo Big Site), this month a series of art workshops for kids, too. (More information on this one coming up soon!)

Saturday, July 16th and Sunday, July 17th
11am to 5pm
A very nice little market in one of Tokyo's nicest little areas, the Kichijoji market still manages to have a very nice selection of seasonal produce reasonably priced. All right on the way to Inokashira Park, no less, which is a perfect spot to enjoy some shade on a hot afternoon.

Sunday, July 31st
10am to 4pm
Definitely one of the best things going in Tokyo in terms of farmer's markets, the Earth Day Market is all organic and fair trade and loads of fun. If the heat's not too unbearable, one could even hoof it over to the UN University Market for a double market shot!

Every Saturday and Sunday in July
10am to 4pm
Folks should note that the third Saturday of each month is the night market - whoo-hee! - starting about 8pm. Hot times in the city, literally and figuratively!

Every Saturday and Sunday in July
11am to 5pm
A new one for me, I'm hoping to visit this month to see what's happening. More vegetable adventures!

Know of a market or nifty produce vendor in your neck of the woods? Give me the scoop and we'll help spread the word!

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