Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Reading, July 24th

There was an absolute bevy of good reading I stumbled across this week, and so here are a few highlights.

While searching for a beet photo I ran over to Frog Holler Farm's Frog Log and found this article remembering founder Ken King, one of the best people I've been lucky enough to know.

I also ran across this fascinating entry at Dragonwood's blog (good friends growing just up the road from Frog Holler, in fact) about soaking and pre-sprouting seeds.

As we plan a trip to England, I'm perusing different places to visit that a grower-market-goer like me would like to see. A Tweet from Get Growing UK pointed me in the direction of Growing Communities, a London organization bent on sorting out a sustainable food system. Their Saturday morning market at St. Paul's looks like it may make it onto the list of things to do!

Get Growing also mentioned Project Dirt, a website that looks like a clearinghouse of information of things happening that ought to give me somewhere food and garden related to drag my beloved family and friends to, and Capital Growth, an organization focused on creating more than 2,000 growing spaces for London by the end of 2012. (They are the same group mentioned in an article about bees in last week's Sunday Reading.) And last but not least in the recommendations from Get Growing was OrganicLea, a growing (literally and figuratively) worker's cooperative in the Lea Valley just outside London, that also looks and sounds amazing.

And finally, before I overwhelm folks with more reading and sites to visit, I'll end with this video via the Practicing Writer of Robert Caro discussing a sense of place. Place for me is a grounding force in my writing, thinking, and living, so it resonated with me on a number of levels. It is long, so perhaps plan to be undisturbed for a moment or two to watch.

For those wanting something a little shorter but that as effectively evokes a sense of place, here's a lovely poem about cornfields and birdsong by Christina Rossetti.

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