Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Field of Pots

Tokyo is full of gardens large and small made up of vegetables, ornamentals, tiny trees, and perennial flowers. It's been a pleasure to find each and every one, and I marvel at the creativity and ingenuity that fashions them. Next to the kiwi carport though, was a garden that was simply stunning. Eggplants, squash, and tomatoes were just a few of the crops (it's the only word that really suits the volume here) grew in tidy rows in the courtyard each one blooming and fruiting.

What's so amazing about that? Each of these plants sat in a container. Big pots neatly arranged with trellised or stabilized plants filled the cemented over space. One set (see photo above) acted as a sort of green curtain for the downstairs windows, while the trellised squash sheltered smaller seedlings. Just behind the eggplants in a back corner (again, see photo above) and covered with floating row cover were four rows of long, large pots. Without trespassing, it was impossible to see what they might contain. Another well-beloved vegetable seems a safe guess.

I wondered at the amount of effort it must have taken to haul all that dirt and keep the plants watered. Why not just take up the cement? Clearly, there's a farmer-at-heart in that house that wants at least a garden to help feed the family. But it doesn't really matter. A love affair with dirt knows no bounds, rules, and follows a logic of its own. Right on, I say!


Jared said...

That's a beautiful garden! Great to see so many edibles and such great care in organizing potted plants.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I loved it as well, Jared. Quite inspiring. I've seen potted gardens before, but never with so many large pots.