Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ode to an Ornamental Peach

One of the prettiest things going at the farm in early spring is himomo, an ornamental peach tree, that grows just near the gate. It's frilly fuchsia blossoms have no scent, but they attract passersby like bees to flower. The farmers laughed one day as we planted this year's sweetcorn that at it's peak of bloom an average of twenty people stop to take a photo and ask the name of the tree.

Sakura or cherry dominate the season with their soft pink, nearly white flowers, so these seem almost bawdy in comparison. Seen from the far corner of the farm the tree veritably glows. And just like the sakura, the petals carpet the ground below a heady shade. Now dominated by green leaves, I thought I'd write a haiku, today's theme for the 2011 Blogathon, in honor of this lovely member of the farm family.

Himomo at the Gate
Himomo blooms shout
the joy of a new season
in quiet spring.


fer said...

Wow, that tree looks beautiful! the fallen petals are amazing

bookworm said...

Beautiful pictures and haiku.