Monday, May 2, 2011

Tokyo's Farmers Markets: May

The March 11th earthquake illustrated for all of us how fragile many of the systems we rely on truly are. Brief shortages of certain food products (including beer!), along with the need to conserve power in light of the crisis at the Daiichi Power Plant brought our food web into stark relief - who grows and produces our food and where it finally gets shipped from - and illustrated our reliance not just on oil but nuclear power. While supermarkets remain pivotal in our lives, it's perhaps more important than ever to head to a nearby farmers market or vegetable stand. Talking to a grower or producer is the best way to determine exactly where the food under consideration comes from and how it is grown. (Look for a story shortly about a recent visit to the Yurakucho Farmer's Market where I met with growers from the Tohuku region fighting to save their livelihoods at eco+waza.)

Check out the list below and head out the door to meet a grower, offer your support, and find some fantastic food treasures!

Sunday, May 1st and Sunday, May 15th
Ebisu Garden Square
11am to 5pm

Every Saturday and Sunday in May
10am to 4pm
United Nations Plaza

Every Saturday and Sunday in May
10am to 4pm
Yurakucho Station, exit left side

Tohoku (Fukushima) Farmers Market
Every Saturday and Sunday until May 8th
10am to 4pm
Yurakucho Station, exit left side
One line of tables features growers and producers from the Tohoku region.

Saturday, May 7th and Saturday, May 14th
10am to 2pm, both days
Ark Hills Karajan Plaza

Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd
11am to 5pm
Kichijoji Station, South Exit in front of the Marui Shop
*A monthly market, by the looks of things, that I've not heard of yet. Could be the next field trip!

Sunday, May 29th
10am to 4pm Rain or Shine!


Unknown said...

When the disaster happened in Japan one of the first things I thought about was healthy food and water for the people. I really appreciate this post and the help it may give to others. Great job!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Garden4Life. These are certainly interesting days in Japan. Mostly normal, though, with only hints here in Tokyo of any difficulties. Our thoughts to a person though, are always up North with folks there.